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Jacob's Restoration Team cover all aspects of furniture restoration using traditional techniques to bring your cherished family heirlooms back to life
We aim to preserve and retain original material and patina
With antique furniture it is also important to keep all evidence of the furniture’s age, only adding new material when absolutely necessary. All materials would always be in keeping with the age of the piece and totally reversible is necessary
Full discussion with the client as to the level of restoration that would be suitable to meet their needs
Any conservation techniques are undertaken as a matter of course as being part of the restoration process
This is then documented and formulated into a quotation.
With all furniture in our care, ethical considerations as regards to their history and personal value are respected at all times
Contact us to arrange an appointment to view your item and discuss your requirements, our details are set out below and on the contact page.


Cabinetmaking forms the basis of all our hand skills. We still use traditional techniques and tools only using modern machinery for quick material removal where appropriate.
This discipline also encompasses turning and carving. With these skills we are able to restore your furniture with the same craftsmanship as was used originally.
Being able to make any component that may have been lost.
The laying of veneers is part of the Cabinetmakers art. For the most part in restoration work we lay the veneers by hand using tradition glues.


The finish on antique furniture is one of its most important aspects that gives it evidence of its history and age. So it is most important that the finish and patina are preserved.
With this in mind we are able to remove obtrusive stains and marks. Clean surfaces and revitalise the finish.
French polishing is undertaken as well as oil and wax finishing which ever is correct for the age of the piece.


As well as general restoration we specialise in marquetry.
This encompasses all forms from simple inlays to boulle with it's use of various materials like tortoiseshell, brass and pewter.
With the use of animal derived products we adhere to the ethical considerations as set out in CITES
Traditional skills and methods are used in our restoration which will always be in keeping with the age of the piece.

Jacob's Restoration Team is happy to work on any size of item, from a small box to a wardrobe


For professional furniture repair and restoration in Shropshire and surounding areas
Call Jacob on 07587178506.

Jacob's Restoration Team covers the following areas: Shrewsbury, Wem, Telford, Wellington, Albrighton, Shiftal, Whitchurch, Baschurch, Clive, Dorrington, Bayston Hill and suroundging areas